The SureSmile technology  allows the use of a decision support system integrated with the precise manufacture of the unit which is done by robots. The technology is designed for a performance of high reliability and is applicable in technical fixed lingual and buccal, in beauty treatments using clear aligners and functional therapies in adolescents. SureSmile

The four phases in sequence applied in orthodontics are:

1. diagnostic phase using 3D viewers and simulators (scanner and Cone beam), allows the orthodontist to anticipate and avoid problems that can potentially arise during treatment;

2. treatment planning through a 3D setup custom;

3. design of a device on customized treatment plan previously executed;

4. manufacture of devices designed using robotics and stereolithography.SureSmile 3D

The ability to visualize and design in a 3D environment, and thereafter to build high precision equipments individual with a high degree of reliability certainly helps the orthodontist to overcome the limitations of the equipment programmed standards and to provide personalized healthcare to patients.